Heated Eyelash Curler

  • Helps for creating a voluminous curl.
  • Heats up to temperature 148 degree 
  • Lightweight
  • Colour : Black or Pink
  • Uses 1 AA battery (Not Included)

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    • A portable battery-operated curler.
    • Hot Brush Eyelash Curler gives lashes unbeatable curl for hours on end with its specially designed heated coil.
    • Use the eyelash  curler after swiping on mascara to seal it in for that long lasting and enviable curl.
    • The heated curler will not singe the eyelashes or cause the mascara to clump together, it also comes with a special guard to prevent the heated coil from touching the skin.
    • This curler will not damage lashes in anyway.
    • Curls the eyelash up with the heated coil (over 148 degree Fahrenheit) generated by just one battery(1 AA battery,Not Included)
    • If clients with straight lashes, it can makes a problem. The solution is heated curler.  The natural lash will be shaped like the extensions for a better grip so it makes application easier.