Permanent Makeup Supplies Australia

Permanent makeup is similar to the process of tattooing, using permanent or semi-permanent pigment to colour the dermis just under the skin. It differs from tattooing in appearance as it closely represents conventional makeup, only far longer lasting. As with any makeup its affects can be anything from dramatic to subtle; more often it is used to provide a result that looks quite natural. It is common for individuals to use makeup to restore a more youthful look. Subtle makeup is preferable for younger look and allows the individual to augment with conventional makeup as is suitable for the social situation.

Most Permanent makeup is mostly used for the sake of convenience; individuals do not have to worry about daily application or removing makeup before the end of the day. However, it can also be by individuals of both genders to conceal scars, discolouration or other skin marks. Permanent makeup can quite effectively compensate for many acquired skin issues.

Over time permanent makeup will fade to some extent. It will be darker than intended for the first few days after application, as the applying technician is aware of the inevitable fading issue and compensates accordingly. After a week or less the colour lightens and stabilizes for at least a few years. Lifestyle and environment will affect this fading to some degree; subtle makeup tends to fade more noticeable than more dramatic styles.

Permanent Makeup requires:

- Anaesthetic - applied directly to the skin to provide numbness in any area.

- Safety Glasses

- Disposable Protective gloves

- Optisight magnifier, for fine detail work.

- Pigments for makeup application, permanent, high quality and non-toxic.

- The machine for applying the permanent makeup.

- Vitamin A&D ointment for application to the treated area, promotes healing.

- Disinfectant, for keeping instruments immaculate.


Anaesthetic must be of a type that does not interact with the makeup pigments, and must be safe to use in the eye area. It is important to always use the right type of anaesthetic, so we strongly recommend buying only from a group that specializes in permanent makeup supplies.

Pigments from different manufacturers should never be mixed as the results can be unpredictable.

A single source for permanent makeup supplies is preferable; it prevent the use of the wrong type of anaesthetic, it prevents the mixing of products form different manufactures and single orders lessens the cost of delivery.