Cosmetic tattooing has two major areas of interest: The first is for restoring a more natural look on an individual who has suffered scaring, burns or other medical procedures that have affected the skin’s appearance. A related issue is the concealment of birthmarks or uneven skin colour. The second use is for the application of permanent makeup. Permanent makeup can be nearly indistinguishable from conventional makeup, and either subtle or striking in appearance. Permanent makeup can be augmented by additional makeup should a situation require it.

Anaesthetics for cosmetic surgery are a specialized area. They have to be of a type that do not react with the pigments used in the tattooing process and they must be safe to use near the eye area.

 Cosmetic tattoo supplies include:

- Protective gloves – disposable type, and safety glasses.

- Needles, available in several different types.

- Application machine.

- Disinfectant – for keeping equipment clean. This is essential to prevent infection.

- Pigments – for the actual colour that is applied.

- Topical ointments to promote healing.

- Biohazard trash bags.


Cosmetic tattoos supplies from different manufactures should never be mixed as the resulting chemical product can be unpredictable in nature. It is generally safe to mix pigments from the same manufacturer, but very risky to mix pigments or products from different manufactures without thorough testing.

A single supplier for all permanent makeup equipment is generally a better option; there can be a full selection of products with minimal delivery charge.