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Eyelash Extension Supplies

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At Facetouch Created by Jinny K, we are specialised in developing and selling eyelash extension supplies and permanent makeup products with our company motto “Better quality at cheaper price”. We also provide eyelash extension wholesale supplies.

Our product brand does not carry a long history, but all of our products are thoughtfully created by Jinny K, who has 15 years study and live experience in eyelash extension and the permanent makeup industry.

The last thing we want is for customers to buy unwanted products that become a waste. Therefore, we use our experience and knowledge to find and deliver the best products, granting you the high quality that makes purchases easier and prevents unnecessary expenses.

At Facetouch created by Jinny K, we provide differentiated products and the optimal partnership for helping your company advance in this industry.

We are dedicated to continual hard work and the development and selection of the highest and most competitive quality products, aiming to be the front-runner in this particular field.

Facetouch provides permanent makeup products and both eyelash extension supplies and eyelash extension wholesale supplies. 

Facetouch created by Jinny K is always opened for you.

Contact us for any enquires about eyelash extension wholesale supplies at: info@facetouch.com.au